In few areas of commercial law, the borderline between tolerated practices and those already prohibited is as vaguely defined as in antitrust. Behaviour which until recently remained unobjected is now being challenged and prosecuted by competition authorities. Fines imposed for antitrust violations are steadily rising and in some cases have become an existential threat to companies. At the same time, follow-on damages claims by cartel victims are looming. Against this background, the relevance of competition law for business operations can hardly be overestimated.

I have been advising domestic and international clients for more than two decades on a wide variety of antitrust matters. The focus of my practice is on:

  • providing antitrust advice in connection with joint ventures and collaboration arrangements
  • representing clients in investigations of competition authorities
  • competition litigation
  • German and EU merger control
  • follow-on damages claims

Another core area is antitrust compliance, details about which you will find here.